• Children /Adults on the equipment must wear socks at all times
  • Children/Adults cannot wear footwear on the equipment.
  • Slide down the slippery dips one at a time and feet first
  • No summersaults on the inflatable’s
  • No sharp objects, toys or any other articles to be used or worn on or around the play equipment
  • No running within the Centre
  • No chewing gum
  • No climbing on the Cannonball Battle safety railing    
  • Food or drink must not be taken into the play equipment
  • No form of bullying, unsociable or rough behaviour will be tolerated by either children or adults. Anyone causing such behaviour will be asked to leave after one warning. The decision is entirely at the discretion of the management of Kidz HQ. No refund will be given. It is also unacceptable to cause damage to the play frame structure or facilities. Anyone doing so will be expected to pay for the repair.


Terms & Conditions of Entry to Kidz HQ Family Entertainment Centre

All parents/guardians acknowledge that this is not a supervised play centre and accept full responsibility for the supervision of children in their care at all times.

Parents/guardians must also agree that:
(a) they enter the Centre at their own risk;

(b) they have read the operating rules and will adhere to them;

(c) they have read and accept responsibility for the carrying out of the safety rules and regulations;

(d) they indemnify and hold the Centre harmless against all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, expenses, including all legal costs and expenses in any way arising out of the use of the Centre’s equipment caused by their own negligence or that of a child in their care, or by negligence of any other person whatsoever or arising out of the condition of the equipment or the use to which it is put;

(e) the Centre will not be held responsible for any accidents and is not liable to them or a child in their care, whether for breach of contract, contractual duty or negligence, for any loss or damage that they, or a child in their care may directly or indirectly sustain or suffer arising from defects in or miscalculations, breakdown or failure of performance of the equipment, and hereby release the Centre from all claims and demands in respect thereof.


Terms & Conditions for PARTY BOOKINGS

To secure your Party booking, a Kidz HQ Party booking form needs to be completed. This can be done over the phone, fax, email or in person. You need to pay a $50 deposit with your booking to guarantee your party time.

Your booking is not confirmed, and your time is not guaranteed, until you have paid the $50 deposit. The deposit is not refundable ( Please note that if you are having our weekday special party, the deposit is $25.00)

Please note that Kidz HQ is unable to provide storage for cakes or food as we have limited space available.

You will need to confirm no later than Thursday prior to the party, food choices and number of guests attending.

All Children aged 1 and over attending the party will be charged the full party price. 

Weekday floor parties are during our usual operating hours of 9:30 – 3:00 Tueaday-Friday.

A guest list of all children attending needs to be returned to the centre along with any adult food platter orders, no later than Thursday prior to the party. Orders placed with less lead time will be honoured where possible. Adult platters cannot be cancelled on the day.

If you need to reschedule your party, this can be done free of charge if there is five days notice. If rescheduling occurs with less than five days notice an administrative fee of $25.00 will apply.

Platter orders cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of your party – you will be charged for them.