• Do I bring my own socks? 
    Yes, socks must be worn for entry onto the play equipment. Socks may also be purchased for $3.50 for kids and $4.50 for adults from Reception ( Remember No Socks No Play) 

    Do you charge play by the hour? 
    No, the general entry prices entitle you to unlimited play for that day.

    What age child is Kidz HQ suitable for? 
    Kidz HQ is suited for children 0 – 12 years only. 

    Can we leave the centre and return again later? 
    As a general rule, you cannot break up your playtime within the centre. This is because our prices are based on children playing continuously.

    Can I bring my own food?
    YES .   We also  have a wide variety of food and drinks available at our kitchen/cafe. 

    Are adults allowed on the play equipment?
    Only parents or legal Guardians can pay ‘to play’ on entry.

    Can I leave my children at the Kidz HQ Centre? 
    Under no condition is a parent or guardian allowed to leave their children in the centre without supervision (at least 18 years or older)

    What facilities do you offer for my toddler? 
    The centre caters for children up to the age of 12 yrs, we have our Mega Maze and Cannon Ball Battle which is generally for children 4-12. For smaller children 0-4 we have our Toddler Play Zone with a smaller double slide, cubby house and age appropriate toys. This area is also safe from bigger children.